Give a man food, you have fed him for a day...

Teach a man to farm, and you have fed him for a lifetime...

A project of The Original 1-800-Charity Cars
1-800-Charity Farms is actively producing quality, organically grown produce for those in need throughout Central Florida. Our momentum is generating interest from dozens of volunteers, strategic partners and sponsors who want to improve their communities. As we work to further develop the best methods for producing healthy, nutritious food farmed in a natural way with no pesticides for those in need, we look to expand upon these opportunities.

Raise Awareness
We are pursuing planning and design of a 1-800-Charity Domes Sustainable Homeless Shelter which will include a solar-powered learning center pavilion and a two-acre educational farm to be situated at a Central Florida homeless shelter. This 100% off-grid powered facility will consist of geodesic domes for greenhouses, living quarters, and a giant domed learning center. The learning center will provide the ability to host groups such as students from area schools interested in a field trip to build community awareness and promote a discussion of homelessness, volunteerism, sustainability and healthy organic eating.

The learning center will come complete with a vegetarian kitchen allowing for the preparation of meals for shelter guests as well for the visiting students, volunteers, horticulture groups, vegetarian cooking groups, Rotary meetings, etc. to further promote healthy eating concepts.

At our 1-800-Charity Domes Sustainable Homeless Shelter, shelter guests will work side-by-side with community volunteers, sharing experiences and forming informal mentoring relationships to give each other personal value and a sense of self-worth. Shelter guests will experience working as part of a team to produce a tangible benefit -- in this case healthy, nutritious food which contributes to their physical well-being -- while taking advantage of other opportunities in the distribution and general business operations of the farm to gain valuable skills to apply in the workplace.

Structured classes will be provided to teach homeless shelter guests, members of the community, and other interested parties how to build an organic garden like the “Victory Gardens” of America's past; during the war in 1943, front yard, backyard, and public square “Victory Gardens” accounted for 41% of the produce grown in America. Education and advocacy promoted by 1-800-Charity Farms will act to spread this healthy, community-strengthening concept person by person, neighborhood by neighborhood, town by town throughout the state of Florida.

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