Give a man food, you have fed him for a day...

Teach a man to farm, and you have fed him for a lifetime...

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Charity Farms

1-800-Charity Farms, branded as The Victory Garden for the 21 st Century, is our 35-acre organic farm located in Kissimmee, Florida with frontage on the heavily trafficked tourist corridor of Highway 192 near Celebration and Disney. This unique farm seeks to improve the quality of life of the homeless, economically impoverished and elderly in Central Florida by growing and distributing free nutritious high quality organic vegetables. The produce is delivered vine-ripened fresh the same day of harvest to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida where it is distributed to over 450 area non-profits who serve those in need.

Charity Victory Gardens & SPIN Gardening®

Our Charity Farm serves as the full scale model that every community can emulate. Our Charity Victory Gardens are smaller versions that can be created on small plots of land in every community utilizing vacant land and volunteer labor. Church groups, schools, rotary clubs, garden clubs, neighborhood groups, city, county and state governments can work together to create a Charity Victory Garden in every community. Our organization can provide your collaborative group with its very own page on our website to post information about group meet-ups, member info, news, upcoming events, timelines and milestones.

SPIN Gardening ™ how-to guide is available at our online store. SPIN stands for S-mall P-lot In-tensive. SPIN-Gardening is a do-it-yourself food production system that enables you to grow a steady and dependable supply of vegetables that have all the quality of farm-grown and all the convenience and value of store-bought. It adapts the professional sub-acre farming techniques of SPIN-Farming® to a community garden or neighborhood plot to turn it into a significant source of food. Once the SPIN-Gardening guide is purchased you will have the opportunity to join the online SPIN community which  provides a platform for participants to share knowledge, expertise and best practices with other SPIN gardeners around the country. 1-800-Charity Farms can also provide advice concerning site selection, community partners and fundraising tactics. Our organization is a 501-C-3 non-profit charity and can partner with your group to generate the funding needed to establish and maintain your community’s Charity Victory Garden.


Our unique Perpetual Community Awareness Campaign (PCAC) begins by introducing the project to prospective partners, volunteers, foundations, community leaders, and other stakeholders, as well as local and national media. A modest budget marketing campaign can be initiated utilizing traditional as well as innovative 21st century strategies. Our organization’s deployment of advanced, cutting-edge Mobile Giving Technology, coupled with our ability to process vehicle donations via our easy-to-remember 1-800-CHARITY CARS vanity phone number, provide the unique and necessary tools to garner support from a wide array of concerned citizens from every community. Traditional fundraising methods such as foundation / government grants as well as a strong grass-roots volunteer ground game to raise funds will also be employed.

Who We Are

Established in 1996, The Original 1-800-Charity Cars,, is a 501-C-3 non-profit and America’s leading car donation / distribution charity, having provided over 4000 refurbished donated vehicles free of charge to struggling families all across the nation. Our unique, one-of-a-kind charity has enjoyed an avalanche of local and national publicity, including being featured on the Montel Williams Show, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, and Two Guys Garage. Articles about the program have appeared in a host of publications including People Magazine, the Associated Press, Women’s World Magazine, The Non-Profit Times, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Among its many awards, the organization is honored to be a past winner of the top Walt Disney World Outstanding Community Service Award.

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