Give a man food, you have fed him for a day...

Teach a man to farm, and you have fed him for a lifetime...

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Charity Farms, branded as The Victory Garden for the 21st Century, began as a 35-acre organic farm in Central Florida dedicated to growing and distributing nutritious vegetables of the highest quality to improve the quality of life of the homeless, the economically impoverished and the elderly. The produce is delivered vine-ripened fresh the same day of harvest to local food banks where it is distributed to over 500 area non-profits who serve those in need. The Charity Farms concept seems to have gone viral with farms and gardens popping up all across America. The concept has even morphed into a planetary hunger and health solution with Charity Farms sprouting up worldwide.

As laudable as the effort to provide food to the world’s hungry has been, shipping food, although necessary for the short term, is not a sustainable solution. The teaching of time-honored organic farming techniques ensures that people everywhere have access to a consistent source of healthy, nutritious food. Long lost to many peoples of the earth, the life-nourishing knowledge of healthy eating through organic farming can be re-learned and subsequently passed down from one generation to the next. This is a planetary hunger and health solution that is sustainable and attainable.

Give a man food, you have fed him for a day…Teach a man to farm, and you have fed him for a lifetime…” To begin making this statement a reality we are establishing an eco-garden learning center in Apopka, Florida to teach people how to grow organic food anywhere. This center will include a worm farm for composting, greenhouses, home gardening systems, rainwater collection techniques, farm worker housing solutions, as well as examples of solar power. The 10-acre, picturesque Apopka Charity Farm with its horse, pony, chickens and roosters provides a wonderful setting for school field trips and community gatherings.


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School Field Trips to the farm provide a fun, healthy outdoor educational experience for students. We build community awareness and promote discussion on the meaningful topics of homelessness, volunteerism, sustainability, and healthy organic eating.   Read More


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History of Victory Gardens - Victory gardens, also called war gardens or food gardens for defense, were vegetable, fruit and herb gardens planted at private residences in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia during World War I... Read More

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Charity Victory Gardens - Our Charity Farm serves as the full scale model that every community can emulate. Our Charity Victory Gardens are smaller versions that can be created on small plots of land in every community utilizing vacant land and... Read More
Our diverse portfolio of charitable projects include:

We are fond of saying that this is not just a charity, but a movement.

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